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What is GSSF?

The Galileo System Simulation Facility (GSSF) is conceived as a simulation environment that reproduces the functional and performance behaviour of the Galileo satellite navigation system. GSSF, has in-built flexibility to support system simulation needs during the entire project life-cycle of Galileo.

Figure: The GSSF Workspace

GSSF offers a rich set of functionality to allow the user to:

  • Set up and configure Simulation Scenarios.
  • Run a simulation.
  • Analyse Data.
  • Visualise Data.
  • Import and Export Data.

The current version (GSSF V2.0), provides two simulators integrated into one single tool:

  • Service Volume Simulator - GSSF-SVS
    which supports navigation and integrity performance analyses over long time periods and over large geographical areas
  • Raw Data Generator - GSSF-RDG
    which supports early validation of ground segment algorithms by Galileo and GPS raw data generation (RINEX observation, IGS SP3)

Alternative sets of Models are used according to the type of simulator selected and a comprehensive set of Analyses of results is provided.